Antique Boat Pump

You can always tell if something has been used legitimately, or if someone has made it simply look "old." Typically, fabricated accent pieces are bad replicas of cool things. Authentic pieces, however, are highly-sought after for all kinds of home staging, from magazine spreads to photo shoots. Historic object art, like this antique bilge-pump from the 1800s, will add a classic touch of the past to your home decor. Use an accent piece or hanging wall art.

28" long x 3" wide. Solid brass with original fittings. Wooden handle and brass nozzle. All original has not been reconditioned, only polished and cleaned. 

Came from one of the last original boathouses in Provincetown. Great for a boat enthusiast or maritime history-buff. Or, for literary enthusiasts: think Moby Dick

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