Clam Rake Lamp

This pair of vintage clam rakes has been converted into a desk- or table-top accent light. With a signature Atlantic Workshop industrial or beach flair. Welded together, sanded and polished both the base and rakes to their current gun-metal finsish, with four coats of sealer to retain its luster. Perfect light to compliment your decor in any room of the house. The base stand was forged from antique chemistry lab equipment. All parts of the lights are vintage except the electrical and wire, which are brand new. Top of the line chrome plated brass fittings.


The standing light measures 32" tall x 20" wide, with a 5-foot long cord, including 2 chrome plated sockets and individual controls. Metal is treated to "lock" the patina as you see it today - patina will not shed or flake off. 

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