Castaway Dining Table

Featured in the premier issue of Vintage Remade, a quarterly special interest magazine published by Better Homes & Gardens in October 2017, the Castaway table is a combination of reclaimed wood and 19th century cast iron legs. This versatile addition to your home could easily be the centerpiece of a bar area or anchor your breakfast nook, as well as a high top dining table on a covered deck or patio.  


Creating the base brought the table to a bar-height, including the addition of casters which are industrial-strength and removable. The two side trim pieces, just below the table top, are reclaimed wood beams with original details from a Nova Scotian fishing vessel. The top is solid oak from the fish hold of a 1940s Norwegian troller whose bearings leeched out rust and iron into the wood, giving the smooth top a deep warm glow. Square headpins were used to join the corners, from the original ship, and round metal riftkins were installed at the base to rest feet. The two outer bars are removable, to customize to your space.


60" long x 26" wide, stands at 39" tall, 


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