Mahi Gold

Mahi Gold Outfitters

465 Main Street, Chatham


"... In 2008, Voelkel, along with her husband and brother, started a business selling dresses out of their grandparents' shed in Chatham. When they opened their Main Street store last year, the trio designed the dressing room to look like a shed. [Atlantic Workshop] crafted awnings to hang over the dressing room "shed," and made a matching awning above the faux bar from the door of an actual shed that had been removed from the property previously to build the current store..."


An excerpt from an article in Cape Cod Life, One Man's Trash is This Man's Treasure, written by Ellen Albanese, August 2015.


The following season, Mahi Gold expanded into an adjoining space, Atlantic Workshop was once again selected to create custom chandeliers from local lobster pots, a display from the stern of a classic sailboat, barn doors for decor, and more. 

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